A  B  O  U  T    M  E

I ignore the rule of thirds. I shoot toward the light. I embrace distortion and welcome lens flare. I tell my subjects to look away from the camera. And I think focus is over rated.


Hi there! I’m a wedding, lifestyle and commercial photographer based Northern Ireland, but travel often. I live with my wonderful husband, my children Jack, Noah and May, and our grey-round-the-snout staffie-cross Maisey. I graduated with a BA hons. in Film and photography in 2007 and have been working as a freelance photographer for over 10 years.  I’m inspired by light and nature and love to take photos of people when they’re at their most comfortable and relaxed. As a photographer, I’ve been fortunate enough to be document some of the most important moments in the lives of my clients, and this is a privilege that I’m humbly thankful for.

You can see my work online, and in print too. My commercial clients include Nespresso, Wagamama, The National Trust, Club Med, Allianz, Unilever and more.

Commercial-only website  catherinefallscommercial.com